El Paso

Category: Steak & Beef

New Zealand Lambchops

Seasoned and char-grilled to perfection. Served with potatoes, rice, charro beans, and guacamole regional.

Molcajete Ranchero

One of the most popular mexican dish! Filled with carne asada, pollo adobado, our homemade mexican sausage, shrimp
al mojo, queso fresco, roast poblano pepper, cactus, and cilantro. Served with rice, tortillas, and charro beans.

Parrillada de Carnes

A 12 oz ribeye, two 8 oz pork lion chops, four lamb new zealand chops 10 oz of our marinate of skirt steak, chorizo (mexican sausage) with scallions, andbanana peppers. Served on hot skilled, and charro beans on the side.

El Mexicano

Combination of 3 taquitos with mexican cream, queso fresco on top, char-grilled outside skirt steak, guaca fiesta, cactus, and salad; served with rice, beans, hot pepper, and scallions.

Tres amigos

Tres amigos is the ultimate combination of chicken adovado, our delicious skirt steak marinated, and garlic shrimps. Served with rice, beans, and flour tortillas, with hot chile toreado.

Combo El Paso

Char– grilled outside skirt steak, with six jumbo shrimps open butterfy; cooked with peppers, mushrooms in a garlic sauce. Served with rice, beans, guacamole fiesta, and hot peppers.

Alambre Mixto

Combination of steak, jam, bacon, and chorizo; cooked with peppers, red onions, mushrooms, fresh cactus, and monterry cheese. Served with rice, beans, and hot pepper. Try it, it’s very popular!

Tacos Al Carbón

Three tacos filled with our delicious outside skirt steak meat, spice pico de gallo, and queso fresco. Served with
rice and beans on the side.

Tacos de Alambre

Three soft tacos with steak, chorizo, bacon, ham with mushroom, peppers, cheese, lettuce, and spicy pico de gallo.
Served with rice and beans on the side.

El Sombrero

* Chico 14.50 * Grande 21.00
Tender grilled steak accompanied by Black Tiger shrimp cooked in our guajillo-style sauce (diced garlic and dried guajillo peppers). Served with Mexican cactus salad and a side of sliced shrimp cooked with mushrooms, cheese, and diabla sauce.